Welcome to Musical Miniatures

We are an Early Year’s Music organisation run by musician, qualified teacher and early years specialist Jenny Milway.

Jenny brings her specialist knowledge and understanding of young children and their development, integrating this into engaging, fun, and exciting music classes. She teaches a mixture of familiar and new songs, using a range of props including musical instruments, puppets, chiffon scarves and parachutes.

In Musicial Miniatures Jenny performs live to the children and adults on a range of instruments and provides opportunities to dance and play along to more familiar classics.

Musical Miniatures began in the Summer of 2017.

Musical Miniatures live classes

Packed full of music and fun, they offer a wide range of learning opportunities for babies and children focusing primarily on your child’s musical development, whilst also supporting, the development of language, numerical skills, physical development, social skills etc. The material used is designed to stretch the minds of 0-5 year olds, but I hope you’ll have some fun along the way too.

Musical Giants

For children in Reception and Year 1 who love music! Teaching uses both Kodály and Dalcoze methodology, and the course is designed to be fun and educational. There is no audition procedure and no prior musical training is necessary. In order to see progress, ideally students would continue with Musical Giants for a full academic year.


For adults looking to support children with their Early Years Music development – MMOnline is an excellent educational music resource that you can tap into anywhere, anytime. The material found on MMOnline aims to establish confidence in both the adult and child to lay strong foundations in a child’s Musical learning, whilst also being great fun!