We are an evolving Music Education organisation run by musician, qualified teacher and early years specialist Jenny Milway.

Through Musical Miniatures and Musical Giants, our aim is to provide a pathway from birth to KS2 allowing your little ones to develop their skills continually over time, becoming healthier, more confident, able learners alongside becoming more accomplished musicians.

The health benefits of singing have been well documented, and the demands on us as parents are constant. If you do find some time to fill your own cups, then Leytonstone voices could be just what you’re looking for.

Musical Miniatures live classes – Our specialist Early Years programme Musical Miniatures, now in its 5th year, is packed full of music and fun. Jenny brings her specialist knowledge and understanding of young children and their development, integrating this into engaging, fun, and exciting music classes. She teaches a mixture of familiar and new songs, using a range of props including musical instruments, puppets, chiffon scarves and parachutes.  Jenny also performs live on a range of instruments and provides opportunities to dance and move with your little ones. Our classes offer a wide range of learning opportunities for babies and children focusing primarily on your child’s musical development, whilst also supporting, the development of language, numerical skills, physical development, social skills etc. The material used is designed to stretch the minds of 0-5 year olds, but I hope you’ll have some fun along the way too.

Leytonstone Voices – Starting May 2022 – Whether it is because your inner diva is ready to come out? Or you’re simply looking for an outlet to help fill your cup with something joyful and mood enhancing? I am so excited to let you know that Leytonstone voices has a chair waiting with your name on it. The adult choir is for anyone who loves to sing regardless of experience or ability – All you need is some enthusiasm.

Musical Giants – Launched in Sept 2021, Musical Giants sessions concentrate on initial musical development, working imaginatively with pulse, rhythm and pitch using both Kodály and Dalcoze methodology. The teaching is designed to make learning fun within a structured environment. The first two years of Musical Giants work well as a precursor to learning an instrument, laying excellent musical foundations. There is no audition procedure and no prior musical training is necessary. Musical Giants is for children aged 4-6 to attend without their parents. I often feel like learning an instrument at too young an age is a bit like teaching a child to ride a bike before they can walk. Why not enable your child to learn about the building blocks of music (pulse, rhythm, pitch etc) and also how to read and notate music before having to learn all the technicalities of the actual instrument? Let’s grow their musical roots before we plant the tree on top.

MMOnline – Launched in Sept 2020, MMOnline has evolved from being a lockdown class replacement to an excellent educational music resource that you can tap into anywhere, anytime. For the monthly price of a coffee and cake, MMOnline supports families in a range of ways, it’s for adults looking to support children with their Early Years Music development, families who have moved away and miss our class, families who attend our classes and want to sing the songs at home with more confidence, families who have recently introduced a new sibling and are looking for something fun and educational to do with their little ones in the comfort of their own home. The material found on MMOnline aims to establish confidence in both the adult and child to lay strong foundations in a child’s Musical learning, whilst also being great fun!

Our Guide – Being in the privileged position of knowing lots of local families, ‘Our Guide‘ is a document that I have put together aimed at providing parents with information of local options for fun activities/days out. Be it visiting a beach on the Essex coast, looking for a local park/softplay, wanting some museum inspiration or looking for a seasonal activity, I hope you find ‘Our Guide‘ useful. It is a working document, so if you have any thoughts opinions of things I may have missed or ways to improve the document, then do get in touch.