How long are the classes?

Classes are 40 – 45 minutes. Try to arrive 5 minutes before the class starts, if you can.

What age can my baby start Musical Miniatures classes?

This is a personal choice. Some mums are very keen to get out and about with their babies, meet lots of other mums, and expose their babies to a range of stimulus at an early age. Others would rather wait until their babies are a bit older. Every baby is unique. If you are unsure, you could try an online class to get a feel for the classes, or email/call Jenny for a chat.

How are children expected to behave in Musical Miniatures classes?

Children learn in a variety of different ways, some are very visual, others aural, others physical. Not all children will sit perfectly beside their parents and as long as your child is safe and not endangering others, then it is not at all a problem at all. Children may enjoy getting up and exploring their new surroundings, and meeting other children. There may be times in the class where I ask parents to support children with percussion instruments, which may involve them sitting for a short period of time, but this is purely to avoid injuries.

COVID UPDATE: There is no expectation from the Government for Early Years aged children to socially distance and we echo this sentiment in Musical Miniatures. Every child will have their own resources and parents are asked to ensure their children are not sharing these.

I don’t have to sing do I?

Please don’t fear; there is no solo singing in Musical Miniatures!! We do however strongly encourage adults to sing as much as possible with their children as they will love hearing your voice no matter how bad you may think it is. For those confident singers among you, please feel free to harmonise the more well known songs at your leisure and on the rare occasions when we do attempt singing rounds or group duets, it is a great help if parents can sing along – it will sound truly magical to your little ones.

I do ask that you don’t be tempted to start up a conversation with your friends in the middle of the class as this can be distracting for the children and doesn’t display the behaviour that we are trying to model for them. Please join in as enthusiastically as you can.

COVID UPDATE: All adults will be wearing masks during our classes, so please do sing along with your little ones, but when moving around the room, please do be mindful of the 2m distancing for adults.

Is it OK to bring a visiting friend/family member to a class?

Yes, absolutely fine, however they will be asked to join in! Please just let your teacher know in advance.

I have older children who are sometimes off school due to INSET days, could they come?

Yes of course, I am sure they will enjoy helping their sibling. However, please do let your teacher know in advance.

How can I help my child home?

Sing our songs regularly! Adapt songs to help with routines at home. Give your child a small collection of instruments (which could include pots, pans and wooden spoons) and puppets to play with. Teach the songs to the rest of the family – they will love them too. Please don’t forget you have access to Musical Miniatures Online with your block bookings – this is an excellent resource for supporting learning beyond the Musical Miniatures ‘classroom’.

Listen out for the music in everyday activities – enjoy the musical sounds and patterns your child makes and try engaging in musical conversations!

Do you offer Drop in sessions?

Yes, we offer both Flexi-passes and Drop in sessions.

How much do you charge for siblings?

Siblings under 4mths go free. Siblings over 4mths pay half price.

How much do Musical Miniatures classes cost?

Each class is £9.50 – the price per class is less if you have purchased a Flexi-pass or if it is your First Class.