About Us

Independently run business started July 2017

In our opinion Music itself is intrinsically valuable to everyone and brings a great deal of joy to babies and children. Much of the musical learning in Musical Miniatures is subconscious, as children develop their sense of pitch (how high or low a note is), pulse (the beat), tempo (how fast or slow the music is), dynamics (how loud or soft the music is) and rhythm.

Music is also a fantastic vehicle for learning, and Musical Miniatures activities don’t only focus on the development of musical skills, but will also support:

  • Developments in speech,
  • The ability to focus and listen,
  • Physical development (physical coordination, spatial awareness, balance skills, gross motor and loco motor skills)
  • Numeracy skills
  • Language development (imitating sounds they hear – increased vocabulary e.g. numbers, colours, Days of the week, months of the year).
  • Social Interaction skills – learning to share and take turns.
  • The building of confidence.

Musical Miniatures lays great foundations for learning and provides an excellent start for your child’s musical development. Much of the content of the classes follows Nicola Burke’s ‘Musical Development Matters in the Early Years’, and touches upon concepts that are developed fully in the Early Years Foundation Scheme (EYFS)

Live Classes

Our live classes are interactive, covid secure sessions full of music and imagination. Jenny performs on a range of woodwind instruments along with her ukulele, with the aim that classes are enjoyable for both your little ones and the grown ups! 

Classes are mixed aged, giving children an excellent opportunity to develop their social skills and interact with children from a range of ages. Mixed classes work particularly well for children with siblings. Parents can sing the songs with their children at home using the online resources, meaning it becomes an activity that the whole family can enjoy together. A really special weekly family event


  • A weekly pre-recorded class.
  • Recordings of our favourite songs for you to sing along to anytime, anywhere.
  • Informative introductions to the instruments you will be hearing.
  • Tips on how to accurately play percussion instruments.
  • Information on how to best use the material to support your child at their developmental stage.
  • Technical information for parents/carers/nurseries to help build your confidence in your own musical ability and understanding when supporting your children/children in your care.