Why learn with us?

Independently run business started July 2017

In our opinion Music itself is intrinsically valuable to everyone and brings a great deal of joy to babies and children.

Musical Miniatures (0-5yrs) lays great foundations for learning and provides an excellent start for your child’s musical development. Much of the musical learning in Musical Miniatures is subconscious, as children develop their sense of pitch (how high or low a note is), pulse (the beat), tempo (how fast or slow the music is), dynamics (how loud or soft the music is) and rhythm.

Musical Giants (4-7yrs) offers more concious musical learning, with the focus on the voice and body as the vehicle for learning making developing musical skills a whole body experience. Developing their singing voices and cementing a strong understanding of pulse, rhythm, metre and pitch.

For all ages, music is also a fantastic vehicle for learning, our activities don’t only focus on the development of musical skills, but will also support:

  • Developments in speech,
  • The ability to focus and listen,
  • Physical development (physical coordination, spatial awareness, balance skills, gross motor and loco motor skills)
  • Numeracy skills
  • Language development (imitating sounds they hear – increased vocabulary e.g. numbers, colours, Days of the week, months of the year).
  • Social Interaction skills – learning to share and take turns.
  • The building of confidence.

I am often asked by parents ‘at what age can my child learn an instrument?’ I started learning the piano at 5 and very quickly started to hate playing it. Having trained as a music teacher since, I often feel like learning an instrument at a young age is a bit like teaching a child to ride a bike before they can walk. Why not enable your child to learn about the building blocks of music (pulse, rhythm, pitch etc) and also how to read and notate music before having to learn all the technicalities of the actual instrument? Let’s grow their musical roots before we plant the tree on top.