In response to parents asking me where they can get hold of the resources I use in class, I have set up a small Musical Miniatures shop. Here you can purchase a range of puppets and percussion instruments for use at home or as gifts. 

For customers local to Leytonstone, delivery or collection can be organised, or you can pick up at your next Musical Miniatures class. For those further afield, UK delivery is also an option. Please note I make trips to the post office on Mondays (unless a request for a faster delivery is communicated)

For those parents wanting to cut down on the amount of birthday/christmas toys bought for their little ones, they can also direct friends and family here to purchase vouchers of our online and face-to-face classes.

(Please note, if wanting to sign your self up to Musical Miniatures online please click here, this shop is for MM ONLINE GIFT VOUCHERS only).

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