Leytonstone Voices

There is a chair waiting for you…

“I sing, no matter who is listening coz it is my natural way of expression.”

– Jeffy Thomas.

“The woods would be quiet if no bird sang but the one that sang best.”

– Henry van Dyke.

“If everyone started off the day singing, just think how happy they’d be.”

– Lauren Myracle.

For everyone who loves to sing.

Leytonstone voices is an adult choir who rehearse weekly during term time at The Leytonstone Social (The Ex-servicemen’s club).

Our aim is to bring together our community, sing some great songs with simple refreshing harmonies and have some fun.

What can I expect at a rehearsal?

We will cover a wide variety of genres and styles some of which we will learn by ear, others using sheet music (please note, the ability to read music is not a requirement for the choir)

Sometimes we will sing a capella (just voices), sometimes we may use backing tracks and sometimes the choir will have an accompanist.

I hope to put on an informal concert at the end of each term, to spread the joy of singing to our friends and families, and showcase what we’ve been working on.

Rehearsals take place at  The Social, Leytonstone Ex-servicemen’s club, 2 Harvey Road, London, E11 3DB, so there is plenty of opportunity to get to know the rest of the choir over a wee post rehearsal drink.

Have a babe in arms but keen to join us? Bring them along and feel free to feed/sing/dance around the room if needs be!

Ideally people will attend weekly choir rehearsals in order for us to progress as an ensemble, and to ensure you know the material that we are singing. I do however know that ‘life’ can make such commitments challenging, so there are a range of sign up options to suit everyones needs.

Leytonstone voices is a non faith choir, but we are going to kick things off with some beautiful Gospel/Spiritual music to get us really listening and blending our sound from day dot! Here is a sneak preview of some of the material we’ll be getting started with.

‘First rehearsal’ tickets FREE

‘Drop in rehearsal’ tickets: £8.00

‘Rehearsal Flexi-pass’: For £30 you can buy a block of 5 rehearsals (works out £6 a rehearsal) which you have three months to redeem. You will still need to book in advance on the booking page to guarantee a spot! 

‘Join us for the Term’: A fixed amount (depending on the number of weeks in the term) equating to £5 a rehearsal – no need to book on each week. Joining us mid-term? No worries this is still an option as there is a £5.00 discount for each past date or cancellation.