Book a Live Class

“Let My Children have music! Let them hear music live!”

Charles Mingus

I am thrilled to announce that we are back up and running, with five Leytonstone classes spread over Thursday and Friday mornings.

Tell me what’s new.

In addition to your weekly live classes, your block booking also gives you access to MMOnline for the length of your block booking (This has been included in the cost at £6 for the month – If you are already signed up to MM Online, then firstly thank you for your continued support and secondly, please use the coupon MMonline at checkout to avoid paying twice and to take advantage of the 50% discount offered to block booking users).

Why does the Block Booking include MMOnline?

MMOnline, has been created not only to tide us over during the last year, but also as an excellent educational music resource that parents can tap into at anytime. 

For parents attending face-2-face classes there are a number of ways in which MMOnline can be of use to you, below are just a few examples:

  • Unable to make a class – be it CV, Chicken pox, conjunctivitis, or an awful nights sleep – families can still access a MM class from the comfort of their own home.
  • Can’t remember the words of the song/rhymes that your little one keeps requesting? The online song/rhyme bank (which is added to weekly), is a great source for information with videos of each song/rhyme and detailed information as to how to adapt the material to suit the age range of your child.
  • Looking for an indoor activity during the week? Perhaps your parents are looking after their grandchildren during the week and struggle with ideas for activities (particularly on grey days), or maybe that tricky time after school/nursery hour could do with a more structured activity – you have access to 8 MM classes through your online access.
  • What was that instrument called? Have a look through the ‘welcome to the instruments’ section and see if it’s there – they’ll be some factual information and music to dance to.
  • Returning to work… If you can’t make the class times anymore, then you can still enjoy Musical Miniatures classes at a time that suits you, and you could even get a friend along in your front room to join in the fun. 

I really hope families take up the opportunity to access the online material as part of their block bookings. For more information about the online resource, please click here.