Musical Giants

Musical Giants

Classes take place on Thursdays at 15:45 and 16:40

For children aged 4-7 who love music!

Musical Giants classes lay excellent musical foundations in our students, which can either enhance 1:1 instrumental lessons already taking place or act as an excellent precursor. We teach your children to learn about the building blocks of music (pulse, rhythm, pitch etc), and also how to notate rhythms and pitch, letting their musical roots grow.

Teaching uses both Kodály and Dalcoze methodology, and the course is designed to be fun and educational. Children will be:

– exploring what their voices can do, how to control them and developing their ears to support pitch matching and singing in tune.

– moving to music, using their bodies with purpose, to show what is happening in the music e.g. depicting the pulse, pitch, dynamics, metre, mood etc.

– building their confidence as they lead songs from the singing chair, improvising actions or lyrics, working in pairs or groups.

– playing musical games, building friendships, and having fun (with a fair amount of giggling!)

See below for a sneak preview into a Musical Giants class…

Class info:

Our classes are mixed aged, with differentiated activities to ensure children progress in line with their ability, not just their age. Having said that the 16:45 class, does tend to move at a slightly faster pace. Mixed age classes also support parents with siblings who would like to attend together.

In order to see progress, ideally students would continue with Musical Giants for a full academic year (or remainder of the academic year if tuition commenced after the start of the year).

Parents will be charged termly and course dates will follow the school academic year.