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  • A weekly pre-recorded class
  • Recordings of our favourite songs with guidance how to adapt the material to support your child at their developmental stage
  • Introductions to the instruments you will be hearing,
  • Technical information for parents/carers to help build your confidence in your own musical ability and understanding when supporting your child/children in your care.

All available anytime, anywhere, all for the monthly price of a cup of coffee and slice of cake.

Musical Miniatures Classes

Our live classes for 0-5 year olds are interactive sessions full of music and imagination. Jenny performs on a range of woodwind instruments along with her ukulele, with the aim that classes are enjoyable for both your little ones and the grown ups! 

Most classes are mixed aged, giving children an excellent opportunity to develop their social skills and interact with children from a range of ages. Mixed classes work particularly well for children with siblings.

We also offer some 0-18mth classes specifically for those with smaller ones, who may be looking for a calmer class.

Musical Giants

For 4-6 year olds, our newest course takes place after school and is designed to be a progressive year long course. Ideally, in order to see progress, children would continue with the course for a full academic year. Parents are charged termly.

Teaching uses both Kodály and Dalcoze methodology, and the course is designed to be fun and educational. Kodály placed a strong emphasis on starting music education early, and he was one of the first music educators to develop a truly child-centred approach to music education, fitting the musical material and the activities to the developmental stage of the child. As I get to know your children I will be able to adapt my teaching to support their individual develop.

What People Say…

“A brilliant session. The welcoming song when everybody is named, makes everyone feel included.The relaxed atmosphere means that no one is anxious when their child/grandchild does not participate or wanders off to another part of the room. Jenny knows how important it is to have a variety of musical activities in which all the children participate with plenty of music, colour & movement. My grandsons loved it.” (Maureen – Grandsons 3 and 10mths)

“Went to musical miniatures for the first time today with my 4 month old little boy and what a Fabulous experience it was for us both!. Jenny is super engaging, the class was so so much fun. It was such a lovely, safe and nurturing environment for all the children there. We sang, we danced, we played instruments, and even did a group activity at the end that was lots of fun. There was clapping, smiles and giggles aplenty from the children and rightly so. We’re signing up for our weekly fix. Would Definitely recommend” (Louise – son 4mths)

“Jenny is a classically trained musician and experienced primary school music teacher – this is the perfect combination, she puts together a thoughtful, interactive and specifically tailored classes but has the experience and flexibility to cater to the children’s individual needs and preferences. It’s a fun, interesting and original morning for all! Highly recommended.” (Zoe – Son 3 and daughter 1)

“We love coming to Musical Miniatures – it’s fun, energetic (if you want it to be, or can sit back and let Jenny do all of the hard work), full of enthusiasm and is a great combination of music to listen to, singing, and hands on with instruments. It’s held in a lovely big hall that is bright even when the weather isn’t… The Flexi-passes are great as although we go almost every week, there are occasions when we have other plans or are away, so brilliant to be able to to pay only for the classes you can attend, and have the flexibility to mix things up. We have bene going for almost a year, and I wish I’d started sooner… “(Sarah – daughter 18mths)