MMOnline anytime, anywhere…

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”


For adults looking to support children with their Early Years Music development – MMOnline is an excellent educational music resource that you can tap into anywhere, at anytime all for the monthly price of a cup of coffee and slice of cake.

The material found on MMOnline aims to establish confidence in both the adult and child to lay strong foundations in a child’s Musical learning, whilst also being great fun!

“We are all born musical. Babies begin developing musical abilities and interest in the womb and, from then on, their musical development is nurtured by the adults around them… given the right support and opportunities, young children quickly gain a deep, subconscious understanding of musical concepts and skills” (Neilson 2016)

There is access to a catalogue of Musical Miniatures classes where adults and children can take part in a 30min instructor led session – resources required are indicated in the supporting text along with arts and crafts ideas for those looking for extra activities to entertain and support their child’s development. These classes will be updated fortnightly

The library of songs and rhymes includes carefully selected material from which basic music skills and concepts are derived. There is guidance to support adults to adapt the material to suit their child’s age and ability, as well as videos to sing along to.

A range of musical instruments are showcased in the pre-recorded classes, in ‘Welcome to the instruments’ there are videos created to enable users to learn more about these instruments and hear some contrasting music to move and dance too.

In our opinion, Music itself is intrinsically valuable to everyone and brings a great deal of joy to babies and children. Music is also a fantastic vehicle for learning, supporting

  • Developments in speech,
  • The ability to focus and listen,
  • Physical development (physical coordination, spatial awareness, balance skills, gross motor and loco motor skills)
  • Numeracy skills
  • Language development (imitating sounds they hear – increased vocabulary e.g. numbers, colours, Days of the week, months of the year).
  • Social Interaction skills – whether this be carer-baby exchanging coos or 2 or more children making music with pots, pans or traditional instruments.
  • The building of confidence.
  • Expressing of feelings – children can learn to moderate, express and reflect Upon their emotions through musical activity.

MMOnline lays great foundations for learning and provides an excellent start for your child’s musical development. Whether you attend a weekly music class near you, or your irregular working hours/nap schedules /general demands on your time mean you don’t, MMOnline is here for you. The material used is borrowed from Musical Miniatures live classes and is designed to stretch the minds of 0-5 year olds. I hope you’ll have some fun along the way too!!

“Jenny is a talented musician and clearly has a wealth of experience, as her classes are excellently planned and delivered with varied age appropriate songs and activities every week. I can’t recommend this class enough

Sarah (Mum of 1yo and 3yo)

“I never message people on Instagram, or leave reviews, but I felt compelled to let you know just how much my nearly 2 year old son enjoyed your class tonight!!! He was hooked from beginning to end… singing, dancing, playing his instruments. When it finished he said “again”… We’ve tried lots of different online classes and had no luck, which proves just how special yours is! Also as a Reception teacher, your videos would be perfect for my class!”

Emily (mum of nearly 2yo)

“My little one has developed so much from watching, singing, dancing and using instruments with you. It has been joyful to watch and be part of… Thank you so much for all parents in the know!”

Maddie (Mum of 1yo and nearly 3yo)