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Anyone who has ever watched babies and young children engaging in musical learning will understand the positive and powerful impact it has on a child’s whole development. The material found on MMOnline aims to establish confidence in both the adult and child to lay strong foundations in a child’s Musical learning, whilst also being great fun!

This gift has been particularly popular for parents with new siblings on the way to give them something fun and educational to do with their children without the pressure of attending a specific class time.

Both for new families to Musical Miniatures and existing, our online platform will provide you with the following:

  • There is access to a catalogue of Musical Miniatures classes where adults and children can take part in a 30min instructor led session
  • The library of songs and rhymes includes carefully selected material from which basic music skills and concepts are derived.
  • A range of musical instruments are showcased in the pre-recorded classes, in ‘Welcome to the instruments’ there are videos created to enable users to learn more about these instruments and hear some contrasting music to move and dance too.

MMOnline lays great foundations for learning and provides an excellent start for your child’s musical development. Whether you attend a weekly music class near you, or your irregular working hours/nap schedules /general demands on your time mean you don’t, MMOnline is here for you. The material used is borrowed from Musical Miniatures live classes and is designed to stretch the minds of 0-5 year olds. I hope you’ll have some fun along the way too!!

This purchase provides 1 years access.

Once payment is received, you will be sent an e-voucher with the appropriate links to enable you to access the course (if being bought as a gift, this will need to be shared with the parent/guardian). You will also be sent a PDF voucher which can be printed off and included in a card.

Please note the years access will only start once the parent has set up their account.


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