Musical Giants Home Ed

Introducing our new Musical Giants classes for Home Educated Children aged 4-7 years, and their younger siblings.

As in all of our Musical Giants classes, teaching uses both Kodály and Dalcoze methodology, and the course is designed to be fun and educational. The lessons are structured but offer a great deal of flexibility enabling us to go at the pace of the children taking part in the sessions. Our aim is to build key musical skills like listening, singing in tune, developing inner hearing, and leading toward reading and writing music

Unlike our other Musical Giants classes, younger siblings will be invited to join us in the sessions meaning all parents will be asked to remain in the building with their children.

Siblings Under 18mths are free of charge and are welcome to join in with the class as directed by their parents. The repertoire and activities used is not however directed at this age group.

Class content will be tailored based on the age range of the families who sign up, ensuring children’s individual needs are met.

Developing your child’s music education with us will provide a social element to learning, help to strengthen family connections learning altogether, give you access to an excellent music education all within a supportive, non-coercive, flexible environment.

What will a class be like?

The repertoire: We will focus on playground rhymes and songs with simple conjunct melodies, with learning reinforced through physical actions, creative activities and musical games, making the learning fun within a structured environment.

Percussion: Although we spend most of our time singing, we use some percussion instruments as well.

A child-centred approach – Kodály placed a strong emphasis on starting music education early, and he was one of the first music educators to develop a truly child-centred approach to music education, fitting the musical material and the activities to the developmental stage of the child.

Improvisation – Our spontaneous performance activities are designed to provide opportunities for children to communicate musical intent through sound and movement.

Singing: Focusing on the unaccompanied voice helps develop not only singing ability, but also the skill of listening. It is widely assumed that if a child can’t sing in tune, then they cannot sing. This is quite wrong; it means only that the child’s musical hearing and listening skills are not yet developed. Something we will work on in the classes.

Movement: Moving to music with an awareness of tempo, dynamics, and phrasing. Through our movement activities, children begin to understand how to adapt their body movements to reflect the music they hear.

Creating young musicians – Children love to demonstrate their skills and our magical ‘singing chair’ helps support those who may need some extra support. Solo work develops confidence and self-assurance, which are important for any musician, but also in many other areas of life. It also allows me to ‘assess’ the children individually and tailor the sessions to their needs.

Entry Requirements and course regulations

There is no audition procedure and no prior musical training is necessary.

This class is for Home Educated children only.

In order to see progress, ideally students would continue with Musical Giants for a full academic year (or remainder of the academic year if tuition commenced after the start of the year).

Parents will be charged termly and course dates will follow the school academic year.

There may be occasions where photographs/videos will be taken of the students. This is carried out in an unobtrusive manner and will be used for recording and archival purposes and where appropriate shared with parents. Jenny will seek separate permission if the images are to be used in other published material and/or multi-media relating to Musical Giants.