MM CV19 Guidelines for users

Classes will now be taking place in the church hall. Entrance and exit to the venue will require parents to navigate 3 steps with their children/buggies, please see right:

Prior to entering the building, please queue 2ms apart, if it is raining, feel free to queue under the shelter near the old door and I will call you across when ready. Any parents coming to one of the later classes, please queue outside the old door whilst the previous class leaves and I will call you across once it is a bit quieter and there is more freedom of movement. 

If driving to the church, the car park will remain open for the duration of our classes, please be extra vigilant as children will be moving across the car park area to get to their classes.

Please can adults wear a mask on arrival and when moving around the venue. For the time being, I am going to be asking all parents to keep their masks on for the duration of the class (Please do liaise with me if there is a medical reason why this is not appropriate). I will be removing mine for singing and playing instruments but will be more then 3m away from participants. If I am moving around the room, my mask will also be worn. I will be reviewing this as the lockdown eases.

Current government guidelines, indicate that up to 15 parents can attend indoor children’s activities, which means that no extra adults will be able to join the group at the moment. Your details will be retained for track and trace purposes and passed onto the NHS should there be a case. 

Please sanitise yours and your children’s hands on entering the building at one of two sanitising stations, park your buggy/scooter etc in the designated place for your class, and head to a coloured mat of your choice. Right is an example of how the room will look – once I know the size of family groups who have signed up for sessions I’ll put two mats together for larger families whilst also maintaining social distancing. 

Please note that the outside doors will remain open for the entirety of the session to provide a good flow of air – the internal doors will be closed for safety. 

There will be a bag of resources on your mat (there is enough for one per child). Please don’t worry if children explore what is in the bags prior to the session starting (or even during the session).

It is unrealistic to expect babies/toddlers who are on the move to socially distance. It is also incredibly stressful for parents to try and restrain a demanding toddler. Furthermore, young children may seek close interaction with their peers or adults to provide reassurance at a period of disruption to their routines. Therefore I am not expecting children to sit quietly next to their parents, the freedom for children to move around is at the heart of musical miniatures and guidance from the government on this age group supports this approach.

 – Adults on the other hand must remain 2m apart at all times

– You can still sing with your children, and I strongly encourage this, as they’ll love hearing your voices.

 – Please don’t allow children to take resources from another child.

 – We are asking that no eating or drinking takes place during the class (apart from water and milk for babies).  

As mentioned, there will be a mat on the floor to mark your space (at 2m distance from other families) – please can you bring a small blanket to place on top of this, and please make sure you keep your distance from other participants.

Finally, if you or anyone in your household feels unwell with potential COVID-19 symptoms, please do not come to class, but follow the NHS guidance on isolation and testing. The most common symptoms of corona virus (COVID-19) are recent onset of:

  • a new continuous cough
  • a high temperature
  • a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste and smell.

You will have access to our online classes as part of your block purchase, so will still be able to enjoy a Musical Miniatures class albeit virtually. 

The main things to remember:

  • Bring a mat/blanket to sit on
  • Adults to wear a mask at all times.
  • Remain 2ms apart
  • No food to be consumed in the church.
  • later classes queue by the old door prior to your start time
  • Have fun and let your children be the inquisitive, active beings that they normally are.
  • I’d really appreciate your feed back after the session